Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota Events


Event DateApptEvent Name
7/23/2018   Understanding Tax Reform: Community Bank Taxation in 2018 & Beyond (Webinar)
7/24/2018   Wire Transfer Security: Regulatory Guidance, Risk Management & Monitoring (Webinar)
7/25/2018   Call Report Series: Preparing Call Report Basic Lending Schedules: Coding, Classifications & Loan Loss Allowance (Webinar)
7/26/2018   Director Series: Assessing Credit Risk for Directors (Webinar)
7/31/2018   ACH Rules & Responsibilities for RDFIs (Webinar)
8/2/2018   Securing Loans with Cash: Using Deposit & Brokerage Accounts to Reduce Loss Risk (Webinar)
8/7/2018   Cyber Series: Expanding & Improving Your Required IT Risk Assessment Program (Webinar)
8/8/2018   CECL: Making Strategic Decisions Regarding Methodologies, Processes & Governance (Webinar)
8/9/2018   ICBM Annual Convention
8/9/2018   Commercial Loan Application Danger Zones (Webinar)
8/14/2018   Fair Lending Comparative File Review (Webinar)
8/15/2018   Marketing Series: Advertising & the New Media Mix: What's Right for Your Bank? (Webinar)
8/16/2018   Final Preparation for CFPB's TRID Amendments, Effective October 1, 2018 (Webinar)
8/21/2018   New Accounts Series: Opening Minor Accounts: Signature Cards, Access, Ownership (Webinar)
8/22/2018   Conducting the Annual Physical Security Review (Webinar)
8/23/2018   Stress Testing Your Loan Portfolio: Regulatory Expectations & Enhancing Credit Risk Management (Webinar)
8/28/2018   Compliance Series: Regulatory Requirements for the Board & Senior Management (Webinar)
8/30/2018   Managing Provisional Credit Under Reg E (Webinar)
9/5/2018   Complying with Reg Z Rules for HELOCs: Disclosure, Documentation, Statements & Maintenance (Webinar)
9/6/2018   Imaged Documents & Checks: Regulations & Legal Concerns (Webinar)


Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota