Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota Events


Event DateApptEvent Name
3/29/2017   Director Series: The Board Evaluation Process: Steps, Tools & More (Webinar)
3/30/2017   UDAAP Challenges: Practices, Risk Mitigation, Regulator Expectations & Case Studies (Webinar)
4/4/2017   Website & Social Media Common Compliance Violations (Webinar)
4/5/2017   Human Resource Dos & Don’ts for Supervisors (Webinar)
4/6/2017   Real Estate Series: CFPB Real Estate Loan Collection Rules for Mortgage Servicers & Your Bank (Webinar)
4/11/2017   Managing TDRs Start to Finish: Initial Identification to Rewriting to Non-TDR Status (Webinar)
4/12/2017   Risk Management Series: Developing a Risk-Based Compliance Audit for Your Loan Portfolio (Webinar)
4/18/2017   The Future of FinTech & Blockchain/Bitcoin: A Look at New Technologies Reshaping Financial Services (Webinar)
4/20/2017   Agricultural Credit Risk 2017: Answers to Critical Questions (Webinar)
4/25/2017   BSA Compliance Series: BSA Compliance Hotspots: Regulators, Litigation, Policies & Procedures (Webinar)
4/26/2017   Securing Collateral Part 2: Form UCC-3 & Amending, Continuing or Terminating Security Interests (Webinar)
4/27/2017   Compliance in Handling Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), Including Recent Rule Changes (Webinar)
5/2/2017   Revisiting TRID Line-by-Line Part 1: Loan Estimate (Webinar)
5/2/2017   TechXpo Exhibitor Booth Request - 2017
5/2/2017   TechXpo 2017
5/2/2017   TechXpo 2017 - South Dakota
5/3/2017   ACH Specialist Series: Complex ACH Origination Issues for ODFIs: Compliance, Exceptions, Monitoring (Webinar)
5/4/2017   Security Officer Reports to the Board: Fulfilling Your Annual Requirement (Webinar)
5/9/2017   Communicating in a Crisis: How to Protect Your Reputation & Brand (Webinar)
5/10/2017   Surviving an FFIEC IT Security Exam (Webinar)


Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota