Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota Events


Event DateApptEvent Name
5/2/2017   TechXpo Exhibitor Booth Request - 2017
5/2/2017   TechXpo 2017
5/2/2017   Revisiting TRID Line-by-Line Part 1: Loan Estimate (Webinar)
5/2/2017   TechXpo 2017 - South Dakota
5/3/2017   ACH Specialist Series: Complex ACH Origination Issues for ODFIs: Compliance, Exceptions, Monitoring (Webinar)
5/4/2017   Security Officer Reports to the Board: Fulfilling Your Annual Requirement (Webinar)
5/9/2017   Communicating in a Crisis: How to Protect Your Reputation & Brand (Webinar)
5/10/2017   Surviving an FFIEC IT Security Exam (Webinar)
5/11/2017   Director Series: What the Board Needs to Know About Vendor Management (Webinar)
5/16/2017   Risk Management Series: Conducting an RDC Risk Assessment: Compliance Findings & Regulatory Guidance (Webinar)
5/17/2017   HMDA Data Collection Rules: Preparing for the Extensive January 1, 2018 Changes (Webinar)
5/18/2017   Securing Collateral Part 3: Legal & Compliance Issues in Obtaining Priority in Collateral, Including Purchase Money Security Interests (Webinar)
5/23/2017   Account Documentation Series: Nonresident Alien Accounts: Opening, Tax ID Numbers, IRS Issues & More (Webinar)
5/23/2017   Active Shooter and Bank Robbery Situations: Before, During & After
5/24/2017   Credit Analyst Training Part 1: Basic Small Business Lending (Webinar)
5/25/2017   Regulation E Series: How to Handle Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfers Under Reg E (Webinar)
5/31/2017   Auditing Call Reports: Compliance, Regulator Expectations & Best Practices (Webinar)
6/1/2017   12 Key Elements of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy (Webinar)
6/5/2017   Report Writing for Auditors: Tips, Tools & Best Practices (Webinar)
6/6/2017   Bank Member Appreciation 2017, Morton, MN
6/6/2017   Revisiting TRID Line-by-Line Part 2: Closing Disclosure (Webinar)
6/7/2017   Developing an Effective Process for Change Control: Shared Responsibilities, Implementation & Monitoring (Webinar)
6/8/2017   BSA Compliance Series: New BSA Officer Training (Webinar)
6/8/2017   Bank Member Appreciation 2017, Northfield, MN
6/13/2017   Reporting Customer Credit & Effectively Managing Credit Disputes (Webinar)
6/14/2017   Debit Card Chargebacks: Rules, Rights, Challenges & Best Practices (Webinar)
6/14/2017   Bank Member Appreciation 2017, Bemidji, MN


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