Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota Events


Event DateApptEvent Name
6/29/2017   When a Borrower Dies: Next Steps & Best Practices (Webinar)
6/30/2017   CTR Technical Changes: New Data Fields, Amendments & Alternate Model Reporting (Webinar)
7/5/2017   Analyzing the UBPR: How Does Your Bank Compare to Peers? (Webinar)
7/6/2017   Director Series: Raising Capital as an Independent Community Bank (Webinar)
7/11/2017   Regulatory Requirements When Employees Work from Home: Overtime, FMLA, ADA, Safety & More (Webinar)
7/12/2017   Getting Started with SBA Lending (Webinar)
7/13/2017   Account Documentation Series: Closing or Changing Deposit Accounts for Consumers & Businesses (Webinar)
7/13/2017   Ag Conference 2017
7/18/2017   Mastering Escrow Compliance: Analysis, Rules, Forms & Accounting (Webinar)
7/19/2017   Creating an Effective Suspicious Activity Program: Efficiency, Examinations & Fraud (Webinar)
7/19/2017   Effectively Evaluating Borrower Financial Documents in an Agricultural Workout Context (Free Webinar)
7/20/2017   Regulation E Series: Regulation E Fundamentals: Back to Basics (Webinar)
7/21/2017   Wire Transfer Security Controls: Regulatory Guidance, Risk Management & Monitoring (Webinar)
7/25/2017   E-Compliance Rules, Policies & Best Practices for Email, Web, Mobile & Social Media (Webinar)
7/26/2017   Special Rules for Credit Card Compliance: Changes in Terms, APR Increases, Protected Balances, Offsets, Fee Limits & More (Webinar)
7/27/2017   20 UCC Provisions You Must Know When Cashing or Depositing Checks (Webinar)
7/31/2017   TILA Rules for Non-Mortgage & Non-Credit Card Lending (Webinar)
8/2/2017   Business Signature Cards & Resolutions: Entities, Authority & Documentation (Webinar)
8/3/2017   Advertising Compliance: Website, Print, TV & Radio (Webinar)
8/8/2017   Real Estate Series: Appraisals & Evaluations for Consumer Real Estate Lending: Interagency Guidance, Regulator Issues & FAQs (Webinar)
8/9/2017   Dealing with Employee Discipline, Complaints, Performance Issues & More (Webinar)
8/10/2017   How to Legally Compensate Mortgage Loan Originators (Webinar)
8/10/2017   ICBM Annual Convention


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