Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota Events


Event DateApptEvent Name
4/26/2018   The Top 12 Credit Risks in Agricultural Lending (Webinar)
4/27/2018   Residential Construction Lending: Compliance, Disbursements & More (Webinar)
5/1/2018   All You Need to Know About E-SIGN, E-Statements & E-Disclosures (Webinar)
5/2/2018   Understanding the UCA Cash Flow: Practical Applications in Underwriting (Webinar)
5/3/2018   Handling Powers-of-Attorney & Living Trust Documents for Deposit Accounts & Loans (Webinar)
5/8/2018   New Accounts Series: Opening Business Accounts: Entities, Documentation, Authority & Regulatory Requirements (Webinar)
5/9/2018   Analyzing TRID Tolerance Cures: Clarifying the Confusion (Webinar)
5/10/2018   Finance Charges: Getting It Right! (Webinar)
5/15/2018   Top Escrow Compliance Exam Issues, FAQs & Field Audits (Webinar)
5/16/2018   IRA Series: Current IRA Issues, Including Divorce, IRS Levies, Bankruptcies & Creditor Claims (Webinar)
5/17/2018   FFIEC Third-Party Risk Guidance: Appendix J for Vendor Business Continuity Issues & More (Webinar)
5/22/2018   Consumer Debt Series: Real Estate Loan Workouts, Deeds in Lieu, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Deficiency Judgments & Receiverships (Webinar)
5/23/2018   Consumer Loan Documentation (Webinar)
5/24/2018   ACH Error Resolution: Unauthorized, Authorization Revoked, or Stop Payment? (Webinar)
5/30/2018   Compliance Series: Job-Specific Compliance Training for Lenders (Webinar)
5/31/2018   Increasing Fee Income Without Raising Fees (Webinar)
6/4/2018   Bank Member Appreciation 2018, Hopkins, MN
6/5/2018   Call Report Series: Examining Bank Assets, Liabilities & Income in Call Report Preparation (Webinar)
6/6/2018   Director Series: Regulator Expectations in Capital Planning (Webinar)
6/7/2018   Bank Member Appreciation 2018, Rochester MN
6/7/2018   Red Flags in Residential Appraisal Compliance (Webinar)
6/8/2018   Understanding the Procedural Differences Between Substitute Checks, ACH Imaged Checks & New Warranties Under Reg CC Effective July 1, 2018 (Webinar)


Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota